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PRIVATE Energy Developments (update)
MarkSpaceSystems (Mssc): "DWELLING Project"
Energy and Design (EnD) component: "Shelter" Mssc 2014

Purpose (what): Shelter served one of the
1st needs of man
..= air-food-shelter = A roof of sorts...
TimeFrame (when): Now
Location (where): Any available inhabitable land area
Approach (how): Concentrate on Mfg/Mobile housing/homes
..multi-fam, multi-use or mixed-use...
..moveable/factory construction, develop or
..morph/evolve into new configs onSite
Reason (why): They're affordable, they're available,
they're do-able..& needed habitation.
Relatively low mfg cost, low maintenance

Dwelling: This is where it all begins
..mfd & mobile homes..
..what we used to call (eeH)
..TRAILERS - Fed-stds, state-stds
..Mobile, Manufactured, Modular,
..ParkModel, SingleWide,
..DoubleWide, split-Courtyard,
..U-shaped configurations
...Fort (circle-the-wagons),
linear, L-shaped, Cross(es)
BackStory: I used to think that an appealing, comfortable standing surface would be a nice first thing to have, until the sun beating down on me and the wind blowing me around, and the rain pelting me on the head convinced me that shelter comes first. With shelter u can develop whatever ground floor, raised deck wanted at ur leisure.

Concept: TrailerWide, skidded modules, stacked...
..Can be wheeled like MH for transport or mobility,

Concept: Stacking makes more shelter
-(elevation & underneath),
..& better living aspect.

Concept: Alternate stacked modules doubles
available footprint
..(& still can be undone, altered later)

Concept: Fold (down&up): Rooves, Decks, Fences, Porches,
..Tri-Angle Sections, Curved Sections, Open Beams

Concept: Half-timbered sections, Screened & Weather sections,
..Surfaces, Sustainable in target environment -
..(coastal, mountain, desert, arctic, arid, humid); on-a-barge, in a park, industrial, heavy/lite-mfg,

Benefits: This can be upscale, affordable, & leave
..lots of surrounding land = landscape,
..because they're smallish in footprint
..(ie, small fixed-footprint)

Development: Basic topology of the factory product ?
..limitations: mfg-able, materials, designs, space (LxWxH)
...benefits: quality, durability, maintainability,
...repeatability, other...

Development: Mfd roof strips/elements, like patio roof, room,
..beam(s), enclosure(s)(folding &/or rollup),

Development: Forms ? Primitive ?
..Rock/outcrop/cave, caves, trees, shed of branches, thatch,
...thatched panel(s),

Development: Forms ? Topology (footprint bound & not)
..Historical; Tent(s), TeePee, Lean-to, Shed, Flat,
..Compound Roof Structures, Hips, Gables, Valleys, Etc.
..Cantilevers, windows/doors, structural roof support,
...tile(s), elevation of colonnade, atrium, portico, fixed
& moveable canvas sections,

Development: Forms + Modern extensions...Materials, structures,
..machines, finishes, joins&joints, marking,

Development: Mfg advantages; solar cell roofing strips, tiles... surfaces solar productive,

Development: UtilityCore: a module that contains:
ALL needed permit utility access & service.
Central: air, water, waste, gas (ng,cng,lng,h2,o2),
..elec, heat, coolg, recycling, lighting, security,
...cables, sats, solar, electrolysis (for) h2 & o2,
This {Core} can be dropped-in anywhere needed,
expandable (with hooks), 1ba, 2ba, Etc,

&& put the permit on the perm- (permanent) parts
..This becomes the anchor for the desirable, moveable parts

Design: Mobile, extended, extendable, dwelling, Units of mobility,
..all street legal or mobile permitted movable, high, wide,
..expandable in all (many) dimensions, & can retract

Design: Over-size, hopefully not over-weight, ie,
..multiple units may be conjoined -
..all-modular, 3-axis, joined or not, telescoping,

Design: Use SketchUp liberally...use stock commercial modules of
..materials, ie dimension lumber +

Design: Tiles - These are high-tech sintered, aereated ceramic
..tiles with (massive R-value) +solar (see below)) SuperTherm
..coatings...& reflectives & convection/conduction/radiation.

Design: Tetrahedral beam structure, foldable sections, based
..on the triangular load-bearing section, need not produce
..rectilinear results in topology of product.
..Box-beam, Triangular-beam, OpenWeb-tri-beam, I-Joist,

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